Ania has become a well-known performer in the Polka circuit. She was first introduced to Polka lovers with her hit song "Cyganeczka" which she originally recorded with Scrubby and the Dynatones, and later with Jan Lewan and his Orchestra. She has a dynamic style supported by a strong and vibrant singing voice. Ania was born in Montreal, Quebec ( Canada ) to parents who were Polish immigrants. She later moved to Mississauga, Ontario, where she still resides. By profession she is a high school Chemistry teacher. She is an accomplished accordionist, and also one of the organisits/soloists at Maximillian Kolbe Parish in Mississauga. She is the proud mother of a very talented young man, who in 2008, graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Human Biology.

Ania has recorded several albums, the latest being "Life's Too Short-Thank God For Polkas", which is on the Sunshine label. As illustrated by her CDs, she is also a songwriter, with her own individual style. She is an Honorary Lifetime member of the Polish Singers Alliance of America, and an active member of the Marie Curie-Sklodowska Association in Toronto. She is a regular performer at festivals such as the Cheektowaga Polish-American Festival and the Polish Heritage Festival in New Jersey. She has appeared with the Jan Lewan Orchestra, with Joe Macielag, and most recently with Jolly Joe and the Bavarians. In 1998, she received the IPA Female Vocalist of the Year Award. In Ontario, she is a welcome performer at banquets, senior homes and hospitals. Her love of, and appreciation of, not only Polkas, but music in its entirety, is illustrated by her lively and interactive performance, and her enthusiastic audience contact.

But there is another side to her musical character; she is the founder and Artistic Director of a unique vocal-dance group- "Radosc-Joy". This group of young people (25 in the senior group, and 30 in the junior/intermediate group), have been enjoying an ever widening popularity. Their repertoire ranges from Polish folklore, to Canadian and American Patriotic Medleys, to International Dance , even to Polish pop. But what they are uniquely known for is their signature "Gypsy Caravan" number- an energetic dance accented by swirling, sparkling costumes. For the past 17 years, Ania has volunteered her time and energy with Radosc-Joy, concentrating on the perpetuation and preservation of Polish culture and traditions. Her desire is that the young people, many of whom are 2nd and 3rd generation, do not forget their roots, or the sacrifices made by others such as the Polish Veterans. In the spring of 2008, Ania was honored by the Government of the Republic of Poland, when she was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit for her continued work with the youth of her community, and for her efforts in the continuation and promotion of Polish music, both in Canada and in the United States of America.

We hope that you enjoy her music!!!

"Sing, dance , play and be merry-
For tomorrow brings
Another day of Polka Joy!!!"